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Sportwhiz: FAQ


FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are the items in your collections for sale?
The items in our collections are not “officially” for sale, however, we do accept offers should anyone express interest in one of our items. Feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form

Q: How long have you been collecting?
Here at Sportwhiz.com we have been collecting cards and memorabilia for over 10 years now. The collection originally began during the pre-teen period of our lives.

Q: Where did you get the autographed items in your collection?
Our autographed items have either been obtained in-person at sporting or signing events, or from other sources which provide known certifications to validate the signature.

Q: I want to start a collection, how should I get started?
The best way to start a card collection depends on how much you want to invest. If you only have little funding the best way is to start with smaller priced packs. Many card shops also hold auctions in which you could get higher priced cards with a lower budget.

Q: I have a card or item that you might be interested in, are you looking to purchase more items?
We are always looking to add to our collections! If you have something that you feel we would be interested in feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form