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Sportwhiz: About Us

About Us

About Us

Current project-
     Who are we? Well, since you asked, we are dedicated sports fans who love collecting sports cards and memoribilia. Unfortunately we are limited in funding due to educational costs, but that will not inhibit us from doing what we love. When we were younger we would work hard to save up just enough money to go to Target and buy a box of Topps cards. While most of these cards were only worth pennies we loved “collecting” the cards of our favorite players. As we grew older our love for sports would only grow. Many years have passed and we no longer buy boxes of Topps at Target but have grown our collections by becoming frequent visitors to card shops, online auctions, and attending sporting events.

     The three sports in which we focus our collections are basketball, football, and baseball. Within our ranks we have fans of many teams in the different sports, but we all share one common interest, the love of the game!!

     Sportwhiz.com was founded and created by Alan Shiflett.

Previous Projects-

     Sportwhiz.com was originally started as an effort to learn web design. While debating on what domain name would best suite his needs, Alan Shiflett decided on Sportwhiz.com.

     The original Sportwhiz.com started out as a landing page for a bunch of random things, most of all articles written by Alan Shiflett in English Classes. Click here to take a look at the original look of Sportwhiz.com

     Next, when Alan Shiflett was called to serve a mission in Bolivia Santa Cruz Sportwhiz.com decided it would be best to convert to his personal mission site. For 2 years his mom would update the site with his latest comments and pictures from his mission to Bolivia. As it turned out after 14 months in Bolivia Alan was evacuated due to political unrest, and would finish the remainig 10 months in Peru. His mother updated the site as promised and Sportwhiz.com recieved many thanks for providing this service. Click here to take a look at the mission page used for Alan Shiflett